UNAIR Help Center Recruits Student Volunteers

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UNAIR NEWS – Many civitas academica probably do not know the existence of a unit in Universitas Airlangga which specially listens and responds students’ complaints. They are handled by the experts. Students should not be worried about its confidentiality. It is ensured by the personnel of UNAIR Help Center.

To attract more interests from the students, UNAIR Help Center held a publicization to promote the unit which was established in 2014. For this event, the personnel of UNAIR Help Center invited UNAIR Student Executice Board (BEM), Student Legislative Council (DLM) and faculty student organization to be volunteers. It was done in Student Center Hall, Campus C UNAIR on Monday, March 28 and attended by Vice Rector I UNAIR Prof. Djoko Santoso, dr., Ph.D., Sp.PD., K-GH, FINASIM.

“If possible, before the problem worsens or goes further, UNAIR Help Center should be able to find solutions for the students,” said Prof. Djoko.

The head of UNAIR Help Center UNAIR Dra. Myrtati Dyah Artaria, MA., Ph,D said that students involvement is expected to make the unit closer to students.

“So, we invited BEM and DLM to be familiar with UNAIR Help Center. We also invite you to join us as volunteers. You are closer with the students so we hope that your involvement can make us closer to students,” he said.

Dra. Liestianingsih Dwi Dayanti, M.Si., in UNAIR Help Center team explained about some problems faced by students. She gave an example of problems between students or between students and a lecturer which the victim often afraid to file a report.

“Don’t be afraid to report if there’s a violation from a lecturer or students. File a report! If there is a written proof  like SMS, keep it and we’ll ensure the confidentiality,” said Lies, a lecturer from Communication Department FISIP UNAIR.

How do we get help from UNAIR Help Center? They can be reach via Fanpage ‘Airlangga Helpcentre’; Twitter (at)helpcenter_ua; and E-mail at helpcenter.airlangga@gmail.com. If the problem is complicated, student can come at UNAIR Hospital Psychological Clinic as stated by Dr. Dewi Retno Suminar, M.Si selaku tim Help Center.

“We also provide UNAIR Hospital Psychological Clinic, at the eastern wing on the second floor, we situate it in the hospital, so students can be comfortable,” said Dewi who is also Vice Dean III UNAIR Faculty of Psychology.

UNAIR Help Center was initially established in 2000 as a consultation and guidance media of FISIP UNAIR. As it was needed to be expanded at university level, then in 2014 UNAIR Help Center was officially established by Vice Rector I UNAIR 2010-2015. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor: Defrina Sukma Satiti

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