The Importance of Anticipating Disasters

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Professor on Anesthesiology and Reanimation FK UNAIR Prof. Dr. R. Eddy Rahardjo, dr., SpAnK.IC (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – In a seminar on Disaster Mitigation ‘Disaster Management Intra and Extra Hospital’ held in the eighth floor Hall UNAIR Hospital on Monday March 29, The professor on Anesthesiology and Reanimation FK UNAIR Prof. Dr. R. Eddy Rahardjo, dr., SpAnK.IC highlighted the importance of preparation before disasters which can happen anytime.

Disasters which are unpredictable can be catastrophic so excellent preparations on disaster response such as facilities and medical resources are most needed.

“Hospital employees which do not have any ability to handle disasters, should be trained for that,” said Prof. Eddy. Besides the hospital employees, patients’ families can also contribute to assist medical team to watch over the condition. It will make the treatment efficient.

Professor which is also active in University Crisis Centre regretted some hospitals which do not have required facilities.

“Hospital patients should not lay on lower place such as a litter,” he said as it will make the treatment difficult to perform.

“There are already too many patients, they are laid lower than they should be, the medical team will not be able to work efficiently,” he added.

In the end of his presentation, he reminded all medical personnel to protect themselves at all times from infection or chemicals used in the treatment.

“Helping victims in critical times are important but it doesn’t mean that we forget about ourselves,” he said. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Yeano Andhika

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