Faculty Synergy to Support Internationalization

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Deputy of International Office and Partnership (IOP) UNAIR Margaretha, S.Psi., P.G.Dip.Psych., M.Sc presenting topic on UNAIR internationalization, Tuesday, March 29 (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – In the efforts to reach Top 500 World Universities as entrusted by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to UNAIR, all civitas academica keep bringing about improvements. Internationalization is an important aspect for a world class university and it is indispensable.

To reinforce synergy in UNAIR and to support internationalization, Directorate of Education held ‘Workshop Pemetaan dan Penguatan Internasionalisasi Pendidikan (Education Internationalization Mapping and Reinforcement Workshop)’for three days, March 28-30, in the plenum meeting hall thrird floor of UNAIR Management building. From the workshop, internationalization potentials possessed by faculties can be exploited.

“For internationalization, UNAIR has great potentials. But they haven’t been managed well,” said Jani Punawanty, SH., SS., LLM, in the International Education Program coordinating team of Education Directorate to UNAIR NEWS on Tuesday, March 29.

UNAIR Faculties, continued Jani, possess many things to offer at international level, but they have not been able to package them to attract international students to learn here at UNAIR.

“We need at least 200-500 students to reach Top 500 World Universities. Therefore we have to improve the program content we offer,” said the alumnus of Temple University, the USA.

In the future, the efforts to draw foreign students to learn at UNAIR will always be done. Credit earning and credit transfer program for foreign students such as Amerta international class will be reinforced to be the early form of future academic degree program.

Not only students, UNAIR internationalization will involve recruiting foreign lecturers and researchers.

“Professors on sabbatical leave are potentials to be our inbound professors. We will offer foreign freshgraduate PhDs for teaching experience in UNAIR,” she added.

Related to faculties’ responses on this internationalization, She admitted that all UNAIR faculties are running in the same rhythm.

“Some faculties running faster and some still need guidance,” she said.

Through this workshop, according to Jani, Education Directorate was trying to formulate a way to reinforce synergy between faculties so they all can run together for UNAIR betterment.

“Yesterday, we found a breakthrough; there was an idea of potentials sharing session. Faculties with reputations in certain country can also promote other faculties in that country,” said the lecturer of International Law, FH UNAIR. If it can be conducted consistently, Jani believed that UNAIR internationalization will be achieved sooner. (*)

Author : Yeano Andhika

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