Amusing and Homely UNAIR Discussion with Surabaya Society Elements

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Athmosphere of the discussion when RAR community giving its opinion to UNAIR Rector. (Photo: Yitno)

UNAIR NEWS – Warm atmosphere in Rector Gathering with Rek Ayo Rek Community(RAR), Society Figures and Media on the fourth floor of UNAIR Management building, March 30. Rector with his officials and deans seemed to be familiar with RAR Chief Herman Riva’I, DPRD Surabaya Chairman Armudji and other figures including the Media which was there covering. UNAIR alumni Association was also there.

It felt very intimate as it was moderated by the communication expert Drs Suko Widodo MSi. The man who is also the Head of Information and Public relation Center (PIH) keeps making jokes in front of the attendance sitting around round tables. It was quite amusing.

Universitas Airlangga Rector Prof. Dr. H. Mohammad Nasih, MT., SE., Ak., CMA. admitted that he was pleased that he could gather with the society from any elements or fields. There were academicians, politicians, bureaucrats, soldiers, businessmen, and other professionals. “It is the first steps. After this there will be more discussions and gatherings to find solutions of each problem,” said the professor from Faculty of Economics and Business.

He stated that university is open for everyone especially those who look for advice and inputs from academic viewpoints on any topics. “We have experts on any fields. What we don’t have is money. So if you need money don’t bother coming to us. Please come to Pak Jamhadi (A businessman, KADIN Surabaya chief),” said UNAIR rector followed with laughter. Nasih emphasized that Surabaya does not only have Heroes Monument, Kenjeran and other landmarks but there is alo UNAIR located in city center. It is only appropriate if the city government maximizes UNAIR potentials.

In the same occasion, Herman hoped that RAR community and UNAIR can bring changes to social condition in Surabaya. “All problems can only be resolved if we have synergy. RAR also has many experts and ‘deans’, Pak Kemas the ‘dean’ of Pasar Turi, business ‘dean’ Pak Jamhadi, political and government affairs ‘dean’Pak AH Thony. With synergy we will be complete,” he said followed with applause.

This event was appreciated by the central government, Communication sub-division of Cooperative Bureau and Public Communication General Secretary of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher education, Neni Herlina,  impressed by the idea of the discussion. “What has been done by UNAIR proved a belief which says that  university is the ivory tower was wrong. Today, university is clearly unites with the people,” she said.

Vice Rector I UNAIR Prof. Djoko Santoso, dr., Sp.PD-KGH., Ph.D., FINASIM said that university should contribute concretely to the society. This event is one of many UNAIR programs to reach all elements of society. “It is useless to have a university if the people can’t get advantages from it,” said Djoko. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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