Brings East Java Sound in Pasundan

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The team with Letto vocalist, Noe, after the awarding ceremony (Photo: Istimewa)

UNAIR NEWS – National achievement made by Religious Arts (SR) Airlangga in Grand Festival Rebana Nasional (GFRN) 2016 Bandung was admitted as work of a discipline, solid and gutsy team. The student club established in January got second place for Hadrah category.

It was the first national competition attended by many state and private universities. General and schools categories make this event even bigger.

Interestingly, in the event held by ITB Rebana Unit on March 26-27, UNAIR delegation performed its jingle with Gundul-Gundul Pacul tones. The jingle performed by El-Syalala team carried different sound. “We want to bring East Java uniqueness to Pasundan,” said Maulidur Rahmah, one of the members of UKM SR and a student of Islamic Economy.

For the contest, El-Syalala presented a jingle with Gundul-gundul pacul and a sholawat titled Jamalu Nuril Musthofa. It was played in the routine practice so they felt relaxed and performed it well. (*)

Author: Ahalla Tsauro
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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