PPKK UNAIR Invites Young Entrepreneurs

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UNAIR NEWS – Being an entrepreneur is another alternative for last-semester-students to pursue their future career. But, it is not easy to have a settled business. Universitas Airlangga through its Center of Career and Entrepreneurship Development (PPKK) keeps preparing sustainable and young entrepreneur.

One of the best PPKK UNAIR programs is Student Entrepreneurs Program (PMW). Only diploma and bachelor degree student that has been running business for at least one year allowed to join PMW.

This program aims to internalize entrepreneurship mindset, shape tough character, give entrepreneurial soft skill, and provide entrepreneurship learning facilities to students. In this program, participant (individual or as a team) should submit a business planning proposal. For those selected proposals, PPKK UNAIR is going to lend them some fund to start their businesses. PPKK UNAIR is going to give Rp 5 millions (maximum) for individual proposal, and Rp 10 millions (maximum) for team proposal.

Dr. Tri Siwi Agustina, S.E., M.Si, The Coach of Workshop Entrepreneur Business Society (WEBS) said that in 2016, PPKK UNAIR is going to allocate some budget for 50 winners. “But 50 winners are uncertain. We will add more winners if their proposal is really qualified to get funding,” said Siwi.

What are the criteria for participants to get PMW funding?

Every team or individual participant will present his or her business plan to PPKK UNAIR’s team and business experts. In addition, there is no participant allowed to run business in money game, multilevel marketing and its kind. The business proposal should also have timeless innovation or something unique.

What is other benefit of joining PMW?

For those selected, PPKK UNAIR will give them entrepreneurship training. The business expert will monitor the progress of their business plan implementation.

“In period of ten months, we will hold twice exhibition about their business progress. For the last phase, as planned, this year exhibition will be hold in SUTOS,” said the lecturer of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business UNAIR.

So, what are you waiting for? Submit your business plan before April 15 2016!

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