Learn from Japan, Nurses to Contribute in Disaster Area

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Prof. Mariko Ohara presenting her paper on disaster management in UNAIR Hospital Hall (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Nurses must contribute directly in disaster areas. It was stated by Prof. Mariko Ohara in a seminar “Disaster Management Intra and Extra Hospital” on Monday, March 28 in UNAIR Hospital Hall.

“Indonesia and Japan has many things in common related to frequent disasters happened,” said  Prof. Ohara as a professor in The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing.

She believes that it makes an implication on the importance of disaster nursing. Nurses are needed in disaster areas to provide treatments to the victims.

Nurses, according to her, should go to disaster areas. They should also be prepared for disaster response teams through disaster simulations such as earthquakes, plane crashes and other disasters.

In Japan itself, there is Disaster Support Nurses initiated by Japan Nursing Association.

“There are lists of nurses prepared to respond disasters in each prefecture. If a big scale disaster happened, other teams from other prefectures also sent to provide assistance,” she said. Many things are regulated in Disaster Relief Act, special regulation on disaster mitigation response in Japan.

In the end of her presentation, Prof. Ohara reminded the nurses to always hand in hand to support the victims. With many limitations, nurses should support each others.

“The most important thing, every region has tradition and habit. Nurses should always keep them in mind when they are sent to disaster areas,” said the woman who has been a volunteer in Aceh disaster a decade ago. (*)

Author : Yeano Andhika
Editor : Defrina Sukma Satiti

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