UNAIR Store Opens, Souvenirs Available

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Visitor choosing UNAIR souvenirs in UNAIR Store (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR Store, UNAIR souvenir store has officially opened on Monday, March 21. Civitas academica of UNAIR and public can purchase UNAIR souvenirs or accessories in UNAIR Store located in Jalan Airlangga No. 1.

From UNAIR NEWS observation, some people visit the store which is right opposite Graha Amerta Hospital. UNAIR keychains, mugs, T-shirts and jackets are displayed well.

“Customers have come since the first day of the opening,” said Yuga, one of the shop assistants in UNAIR Store. The store opens from 10.00 to 15.00 on weekdays, Monday – Friday.

Salah satu T-Shirt yang dijual di UNAIR Store (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
T-Shirt display in UNAIR Store (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

Regarding the store opening, Vice Rector IV Junaidi Khotib, PhD hoped that UNAIR Store can make UNAIR closer to the public. There will be emotional ties between UNAIR  and the public who visit and purchase the souvenirs.

“Public can purchase cendera hati instead of cendera mata, as the stuff they bought are expected to make them close to UNAIR emotionally,” said the lecturer from Faculty of Pharmacy.

UNAIR Store tampak dari depan (Foto: UNAIR NEWS)
UNAIR Store frontside. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR Store is located in Airlangga Corner which in the future will be used as s spot to display all produced by UNAIR students and lecturers. There will be a chemist, book store, and other stands in the building. (*)

Author : Yeano Andhika

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