No Regional Quota to Get into UNAIR

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PPMB staff, Djoko Adi Prasetyo presenting information on student admission in UNAIR to students and teachers of SMA Al Irsyad Kota Tegal, (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Senior high school students from all parts of the country were given the same opportunity to get into UNAIR. There is no regional quota for UNAIR student admission.

It was stated by a staff of Student Admission Center (PPMB) Djoko Adi Prasetyo when he received a visit from SMA Al Irsyad, Tegal, on Wednesday March 23.

“UNAIR will not apply regional quota. Rights to get into UNAIR are fairly given,” he said. If all this time UNAIR admits more students from East Java, it was because most students registered to UNAIR were from East Java.

The lecturer from Department of Anthropology was asked the students from different province want to register at UNAIR not to worry for that matter. He asked them to stay focused on improving their study and making achievements for getting into UNAIR in the future.

In the occasion, Djoko also advised them not to worry on the tuition fee because it was adjusted with their parents’ wages. For them who are financially disadvantaged, they could apply for Bidik Misi program and freed from any education fee.

“UNAIR has cancelled some students’ support by Bidik Misi program because after visited them, their data was different from the reality. So don’t try anything bad,” he said while reminding thatBidik Misi is only fro those who cannot be independent economically. (*)

Author : Yeano Andhika

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