Library Technicians Challenge in Digital Era

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Contrast: Mia Argianti (in the middle), from with students of Library Technician, Faculty of Vocations UNAIR (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Digital Era, cyber space has developed immensely to any fields of study, anything can be ordered online through internet access. Buyers can purchase without going to the shop. This consequence demands everyone to adapt and compete, if the service is more profitable, easier, and cheaper, it will be chosen.

This phenomenon has made Student Association of D3 Library Technician, Faculty of Vocations Universitas Airlangga hold a guest lecture on “Digital Entrepreneurship”, in the hall of Faculty of Vocations Jl. Srikana Surabaya on Wednesday, March 23. They invited Mia Argianti, the chief of

“In this digital era, everything changes fast and definite. Everyone has to adapt and compete. Service providers also have to find what the buyers need,” said Mia, a graduate of Library science from a university in Bandung. provides medical consultation service with experts on the subjects. To provide information, consultation can be done online without going to the hospitals, clinics or doctors. This online portal has 25 general doctors and 16 specialists for consultation.

This portal chose healthcare for its online service because according to Mia, healthcare is important, people have spent most of their money for it. One of the weaknesses of cyberspace is the accuracy of the information, patients can consult to the doctor directly as well as to know the doctor’s profile and skill.

Mia also said that library technician challenge is to encourage reading to community through digital media. “Contribute to give jobs or service to others. Don’t be afraid of failures, in digital era, not smart people are sought but people who can adapt environments,” Mia said.
Endang Fitriah Mannan, S.Sos. M. Hum., the head of Library Technician program hoped that the lecture can inspire the students to innovate in their field through digital technology.

“Fifty percent of library’s content is about technology and we consider technology as tool. How to manage the content is our concern. So what if the content of the library is put online. There is a concept of library without wall or digital library,” Endang said.

In her opinion, challenge of libraries is how to create service with online access. Libraries should not only be conventionally managed, but there are not any libraries which their full content can be accessed online, most of them only provide catalogue information.

”We hope that Library technician students’ mindset should not only about workin in a library but also to create innovations using sophisticated technology,” she said. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor : BE Santoso

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