EMOTION, Monopoly-like Game to Improve English

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EMOTION Game (Photo: Alifian Sukma)

UNAIR NEWS – EMOTION or English Monopoli Education was the idea of Dia Kurnia Dewi and Hanifah Puspita Sari. The idea was aimed to improve English for the people in this archipelago. The idea came from an awareness in the importance of  English in global era especially Indonesia is in MEA.

Two best friends in their fourth semester tried to create an interesting media to learn English. EMOTION, their work which got second place in Archipelago Essay Competition held by Universitas Patimura Ambon was similar with monopoly game, but the media and how to play it was different.

“EMOTION is an English learning media which adopt monopoly game, eventhough it is seen simple, Emotion has the advantage to improve the players’ speaking skill in English,” said Dia Kurnia Dewi.

Interviewed in UNAIR NEWS office, both of them explained how to play EMOTION. First rule, this game can be played by 3-5 players and 1 guide and the players are represented by an EMOTION figurines. The players in turns roll the dices. Interestingly, the number showed can be added, reduced, divided or multiplied. From the results, the players stop in a box, and they take cards with the same color of the box.

Dua Sejoli Dia Kurnia Dewi (kiri) dan Hanifah Puspita Sari (kanan), Sesaat Setelah Dinayatakan Sebagai Juara II Pada Ajang Archipelago Essay Competition di Universitas Patimura Ambon (Foto: Istimewa)
Dia Kurnia Dewi (left) and Hanifah Puspita Sari (right) after being named as the second place in Archipelago Essay Competition in Universitas Patimura Ambon (Photo: Special)

“Each color represents a category, red is nationalism, green is culture, pink is music, blue is opinion and purple is habit,” said Hanifah Puspitasari.

When UNAIR NEWS team tried to play, both explained that if a player stops in a box on lifebuoy or air balloon, then the player has an opportunity to choose any cards. Then if a player stops on Java or Sumatera Island, the player can open the Dictionary of Emotion or just ask the guide if there is a question or sentences they do not understand. In the game, the winners are decided by first two players who can answer five different category questions correctly.

“If until finish line the players cannot answer all five questions correctly, then the game goes on. But if there is a winner, the first and the second winners of Emotion game deserve the Honorable Mention pins,” said Hanif.

When asked about the game development in the future, both creators said that the game will be used for the disadvantaged children in Surabaya, and later developed for greater scope.

“We never thought about making profits, hopefully this small contribution can make changes and used to serve in the society as well as for learning media for communities or student organization which focused on learning,” they said. (*)

Author : Nuri Hermawan

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