Bidikmisi UNAIR Has New Leadership

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Irsyad Qori’in (furthest right) during oath-taking ceremony with the new management of AUBMO (Photo : Nuri Hermawan )

UNAIR NEWS –Bidikmisi Organization of Universitas Airlangga (AUBMO, -red), today, March 24 has officially inducted its new leader. The determining meeting was held in the end of 2015, for term 2016-2017, AUBMO officially inducted Irsyad Qori’in as the chairman of the organization.

Held in SC Hall UNAIR, the ceremony was attended by Student Affairs Directorate represented by, Drs. Trijas Sarwendah, Head of BEM UNAIR, Rizky Fadhilah, AUBMO demissioned chairman Ihwanun Mudhofiri Hariri, and all AUMBO management for 2016-2017.

In the occasion, AUBMO demissioned chairman, Hariri encouraged the new management to hold the established organization principle strongly. As an organization, AUBMO for him was not a place to work only, but also a connecting point of all elements of Bidikmisi.

“I hope AUBMO will stay as place of aspirations of all Bidikmisi students, and the servitude must always be a foundation,” said the student who is now the deputy of BEM UNAIR.

Ketua BEM UNAIR, Rizky Fadhilah Menandatangani Berita Acara Serah Terima Jabatan AUBMO 2016-2017 (Foto: Nuri Heramawan)
Head of BEM UNAIR, Rizky Fadhilah signing the record of transfer of AUBMO management 2016-2017 (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

Similar with Hariri, the Head of BEM UNAIR also encouraged the new AUBMO management to always cooperate with BEM UNAIR as well as stated that AUBMO with BEM UNAIR can be the forefront UNAIR organizations to gain reputation.

“Make events which are useful for communities as AUBMO is the BSO of BEM and in the future we should always in synergy,” he said.

Represented Student Affairs director, , Drs. Trijas Sarwendah expreseed gratitude to the old management for their excellent work as AUBMO has essential roles in guiding and supporting Bidikmisi program in UNAIR.

“AUBMO management has always had important roles in Bidikmisi implementation in UNAIR, training, monitoring, and GPA evaluation, and other things they can do together with Student Affairs Directorate in the future,” she said.

In the end of the proceedings, the chosen chairman, Irsyad Qori’in gave his first official address. The student of Information and Library Science encouraged his subordinates to get ready as their responsibility is already in front of them.

“Quoted our rector during student organization induction, he encouraged us to always work hard, smartly, and sincerely and here we also need to work completely,” he said. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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