UNAIR Majestic Graduation, from Store to Traditional Patrol Music

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Traditional patrol music band welcoming the graduates (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Second day of graduation, March 20, was as majestic as the first day. In the second day, the graduates with their family and relatives enjoyed various facilities and musical performance managed by Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) UNAIR. For them who wants to buy UNAIR souvenirs could go to UNAIR store stand, there was also a special photo booth with backgrounds of UNAIR iconic building. Traditional patrol music was also played loudly in the graduates’ happy day. Family or relatives who could not be inside Airlangga Convention Center (ACC), could watch the proceedings through Radio UNAIR live streaming. Those special attractions made UNAIR graduation even more interesting as in previous graduations they were not seen yet.



Small stand located next to the main entrance of ACC provided various UNAIR souvenirs such as mugs, pins, T-shirts, umbrellas and accessories. Rosa, the stand keeper said that during two days of graduation, polo shirts and jackets were the most popular.

“Dark blue polo shirts were the most popular, also UNAIR Varsity jackets as they have good material, good design and they liked the color, maybe because it is the alma mater color,” she said.

She added that UNAIR Store also provide T-shirts with many sizes, which can also be purchased in Jalan Airlangga, in the north corner of Campus B UNAIR.

“Airlangga Store itself was  a part of business development of UNAIR, and starting on Monday March 21, the souvenir can be purchased in Airlangga Corner Campus B,” she said.

Photo Booth
Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Popular facility of the graduates and their family and relatives was UNAIR photo booth. It was equipped with alphabet-shaped balloons so the visitors could be easier taking snapshots. There were many people using the balloons to show their titles they  had just received, community and even initials of their couple. Most of the visitors thought that the photo booth charged them, so they asked first before they took snapshots there.

“Many have thought that they had to pay to use photo booth provided by PIH,’ said Afifah Nur Rosyadah, PIH staff on the photo booth.

Similar to Afifah, one of the visitors who was waiting for his graduated friend, Roy Qurain, Management 2012 student also thought that it can be used for some money.

“I thought taking snapshopts here had to pay, but it didn’t charged any, I hope this feature will be here in my graduation day,” he said.

Musik Patrol
Traditional Patrol Music

Traditional Patrol Music

Traditional patrol music, the latest attraction in UNAIR graduation welcomed the graduates before and after their graduation. The band which called themselves Patrol Banyu Sholawat was a group lead by Kemas, the local who lives in RT 05 RW 02 Gunung Anyar, Surabaya. Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS in the midst of the graduation, he said that he started the band with limited resources and money he has been saving.

“We want to support youngsters with willingness but have financial problems, but alhamdulillah slowly this band runs well,”

Other than Kemas, the band was supervised by Firman, a class XII student from Sidoarjo. In training the members of the band, who are mostly students, Firman has to be diligent and patient.

“To lead these creative youngsters, I sometimes had to be patient as we all still go to schools,” he said and admitted that he was proud to be a part of UNAIR event.

Live Streaming Radio
Radio Live Streaming 

Radio Live Streaming

UNAIR Radio for the graduation also performed different from usual by streaming live the graduation proceedings. With excellent preparation, other visitors could also witness the proceedings.

“Yes, we wanted to show and give access of the graduation to the people,” said Idoy, UNAIR Radio coordinator.   (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor: Yeano Andhika

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