The meeting of IIP and assessment team (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)
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UNAIR NEWS – There were many things to prepare for accreditation process. One of the programs which was visited by the assessment team of National Accreditation Board – State University (BAN-PT) was S-1 Information and Library Science (IIP). The program of Faculty of Social and Political, UNAIR was visited on Friday, March 11.

The head of the IIP Department, FISIP UNAIR, Dra. Rahma Sugihartati, M.Si, showed physical proof as included in the list of BAN-PT assessment. The physical proof was required to assess and prove the conformity between data and reality in the field. To achieve the expected accreditation, Rahma said that they have done some improvements related to facilities, infrastructures and learning system.

“The presence of students, alumni and stakeholders was also to present physical proof to the assessment team on the IIP program itself. Students were invited to give statements on the learning system and curriculum, while alumni and stakeholders were invited to provide information on the performance and quality of the graduates in the professional world,” said Rahma.

She also said that the meeting between the department and assessment team ran well. She was quite optimistic that Department of IIP will get A accreditation from BAN-PT.

Faculty Support

The role of faculty is important in the process of accreditation by BAN-PT. The vice Dean III FISIP UNAIR Dra. Myrtati Dyah Artaria, M.A., Ph.D confirmed the statement.

“Faculty has to give full support in the process of program accreditation. Apart from the program, the faculty also has some forms to fill in. The point is, faculty always assists in the preparation of accreditation assessment,” said Myrtati. (*)

Author: Nourma Vidya
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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