UNAIR, Driving Force of Banyuwangi Human Resources Improvement

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Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih, SE., MT., Ak and Abdullah Azwar Anas shaking hands after signing a cooperation agreement. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS –UNAIR Rector, Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih, SE., MT., Ak received a visit from Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas with his regency officials in UNAIR Management office on Tuesday, March 16. In the meeting, both sides agreed to supervised and improved quality of UNAIR Banyuwangi in the future.

“UNAIR wants to contribute to improve the competitive skills of the nation. It is also UNAIR responsibility to create excellent human resources,” said Prof. Nasih. According to the professor from FEB UNAIR, apart from entrusted by the Ministry of National Education (now Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education) to establish UNAIR Banyuwangi, it was also a form of UNAIR commitment to bring more usefulness to the society.

Eventhough as Beyond Domicile Program (PDD), Prof. Nasih emphasized that its quality should be equivalent with UNAIR Surabaya. Therefore, standardization of facility such as labs and lecturers’ quality should always be enforced.

“We don’t want the quality of UNAIR Banyuwangi programs below standards. We will pursue standardization of student –lecturer ratio, classrooms, labs and other facilities,” said the man who used to be  Vice Rector II UNAIR. He complimented Banyuwangi government which was responsive in providing many things for UNAIR Banyuwangi improvements.

The regent, Azwar Anas, was ready to support UNAIR Banyuwangi quality improvements. In his opinion, UNAIR Banyuwangi existence is an effort of improving human resources of Banyuwangi and will always be carried on by whoever leads Banyuwangi.

“UNAIR existence has been a driving force of human resources improvement in Banyuwangi,” said the regent who has just inducted for his second term of leadership. According to Anas, some time ago there was even another regional leader who also has a PDD which had done a comparative study to Banyuwangi on recommendation of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. According to the ministry, PDD UNAIR Banyuwangi is a successful example of government-university cooperation related to higher education management.

He was pleased by UNAIR Rector’s commitment to make UNAIR Banyuwangi equal with UNAIR Surabaya in quality.

“We’re pleased to work with UNAIR as quality is non-negotiable for UNAIR,” he added.

In the occasion, Anas also asked UNAIR to consider opening new programs. One which is quite urgent was a postgraduate program for the bureaucrats in the government, Master program on Humen Resources Development and Public Policy.

“We expect UNAIR existence to give direct effect on our officials’ quality,” he said. Studying away from Banyuwangi, in his opinion, often reduced Banyuwangi officials’ productivity. Therefore, he asked UNAIR officials to consider it.

Regarding the request, Prof. Nasih emphasized that UNAIR basically glad if it could help improving quality of Banyuwangi’s bureaucrats. He will try to realize the wish after conducting reviews thoroughly. In his opinion, new program opening should not be burden for both sides. (*)

Author : Yeano Andhika

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