Government Commitment Expected to Support Universities to Achieve World Class

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ITS Rector, Prof. Joni Hermana attending hearing with Commission X DPR RI, in UNAIR. He expects government’s commitment to support universities to World Class University (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Surabaya (ITS) as a new member of eleven universities acting as legal entity (PTN-BH) will use well Communication Forum Assembly of Board of Trustees from the eleven universities held in UNAIR, March 17-18 2016.

ITS Rector Prof. Ir. Joni Hermana, M.Sc. ES., Ph.D., interviewed after the hearing with Commision X DPR RI in UNAIR  last Thursday, March 10 , said that his institution had a great hope from the forum of Board of Trustees to give more benefits and experience to ITS.

As published before, ITS and three other universities (PTN), UNDIP, UNPAD and UNHAS established as legal entity just last year. Those four universities joined seven others which have been PTH-BH before them, they are UI, UGM, ITB, IPB, UPI, USU and UNAIR.

”We really hope that the government showed its commitment to support us to perform well at international level,” said Prof. Joni Hermana.

Unfortunately, according to ITS Rector, the universities were expected to show commitment to be world class universities (WCU). After drafting the budget and approved, they knew than that the budget for WCU was taken from University Operational Aid (BOPTN). Consequently, the operational budget was lower than last year’s. BOPTN budget was Rp 12 billion but reduced for WCU allocation Rp 5 billion.

”The point is, it disrupts our operational budget. It means that we need more supports from the government if we were requested to be world class universities,” said Prof. Joni.

Answering UNAIR NEWS, that problem will be addressed by ITS in the upcoming forum of MWA PTN-BH. In addition, ITS will also gain experience from the previous PTN-BH. He agreed on the idea that government should not only expect more from PTN-BH but the consequence from their expectation should also be fulfilled, such as giving full financial support.

Regarding to go international, ITS now making efforts to review things they have accomplished. They will push something they are good at and their weakness will be minimized.

”The point is we have accomplished things in our excellent track record, and we will optimize those,” Prof. Joni Hermana ending the interview. (*)

Author : Bambang Bes

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