ANU Indonesia Project Roadshow Focuses on Poor Infrastructure Development

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Australian National University (ANU) Indonesia Project Roadshow in FEB UNAIR, Tuesday March 6. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Australian National University (ANU) Indonesia Project held a roadshow as Developmental Review Forum in FEB UNAIR, Tuesday, March 6. It was held in ABC Hall and there were four experts,  Dr. Arianto Patunru (ANU Indonesia Project), Dr. Khoirunurrofik (LPEM FEB UI), Dr, Panky Febiansyah (LIPI), and Dr. Bambang Eko Afiatno (FEB UNAIR) as speakers in the forum.

Arianto Patunru started the forum by explaining Indonesian exports, essential activities for national development. He said that all this time, Indonesian export and import activities were considered equivalent in quantity compared to the neighboring countries.

The effort on boosting exports should be supported with infrastructures development. This infrastructure development was the focus of the other three speakers’ attention.

“Infrastructure development in outer regions is a challenge for the government. It demands special attention,” said Panky Fabiansyah. In the occasion, he explained that poor infrastructure can inflict a loss in social and economic aspects.

He provided an example from the people of Kapuas, Central Kalimantan who had to spend Rp 5 million only for transport to the nearest public health center (puskesmas). It was because of poor infrastructure which force them to take the boat as the only mean of transports.

In the same occasion, maritime sector development was also addressed. A researcher from Institute for Economic and Social Research (LPEM) FEB UI, Khoirunurrofik highlighted the importance of maritime connectivity for national development. Problems in maritime development such as expensive logistics transport and poor infrastructure should be immediately dealt with.

UNAIR economist, Bambang Eko Afiatno stated East Java potentials, especially Surabaya which has a big harbor to build sea transport connectivity.

“More than 50% of domestic trade was performed in Western Indonesia, about 40% was in eastern Indonesia,” he said. Surabaya in his opinion is better than Jakarta related to trade sector through the sea, the harbor infrastructure needs revamping. Good infrastructure will make Surabaya and East Java take even bigger roles in national maritime development.  (*)

Author: Akhmad Janni
Editor: Yeano Andhika

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