[Podcast] Meet UNAIR Ambassador 2015

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RADIO UNAIR – Kautsar Yarzuqu and Nimas Ayu, UNAIR Ambassador 2015 chosen on November 13, 2015 are students of International Relations 2015. They deserve congratulations with their achievement named as UNAIR ambassadors when they were only three months as UNAIR students.

“Being an ambassador was not my target. I never expected to win. Honestly, participating in the competition was only to make my mother happy,” said Nimas during interview in UNAIR Radio, last Friday March 4.

Both of them were in doubt as they were only freshmen and they had to compete with their seniors. They were astonished by their competitions who have excellent public speaking skill and track record in organizations. Some of them have been in an exchange program abroad. Nevertheless, they did their best in the competition and considered this as a challenge.

Before the grand final, there was an isolation period for the finalists of UNAIR Ambassadors. They had an interesting experience. Both of them always spend their time together in a legendary STMJ (drink made of milk, egg, honey and ginger mixture) stand to discuss their preparation for Grand Final.

“We wanted to formulate a strategy while relaxing. Drinking STMJ is quite good to relieve the tension and make us fit again,” said Kautsar who has been Sidoarjo Tourism Ambassador.

After becoming UNAIR ambassador, Nimas and Kautsar want to make a breakthrough program which strengthen ties among UNAIR ambassador members and also all civitas academica of UNAIR. This year, UNAIR ambassador will focus more on social projects. One of the projects is to cooperate with Cancer Foundation to support the patients so they have the spirits to live. They want to get closer to UNAIR staff as well as to UNAIR community.

They gained a lot of experience and learned many lessons from the competition. “Don’t be afraid, at least be brave to try and get out of your comfort zone,” Nimas said. (*)

Author: Afifah Nurrosyidah
Editor: Iwan Iwe

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