In Digital Era, Learning Not Always in Classroom

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Prama Yudha Amda (left) and Suko Widodo discussing in UNAIR Information and Public Relations Center (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Nowadays, the flow of information and communication develops rapidly. Everyone can access information without being bounded by space and time. Learning process is also transforming. In this digital era, learning process which normally done in classroom, now can be done anywhere in many ways.

This phenomenon inspired the establishment of, a portal for education supported by the Ministry of Education and Cultures.  With “Learn anything from anyone” as the tagline, the online portal was expected to assist the education process as a state service for the society.

“ is educational service provider based on technology which enable students access qualified tutors and educational content.  An education technology provider company which focuses on developing platforms to enhance the education process,” Yudha said. is a school based on internet launched in April 2014. Uniquely, provide thousands of exercise for SD, SMP, and SMA which can be used for national exam preparation, Olympiad test, English test and other exams. Materials are managed based on themes and topics, so the searching will be easy.

This education platform is able to analyze the students’ weakness. So, accurate mapping on students ability, subjects they are weak at so they need further practice, can be acquired. It enables time efficiency. Students do not have to practice the same tests they have done well. If this data analysis implemented to all students in a region, the result could be an evaluation for policy making. is a facility which can be accessed free of charge. With 50-70 people as staffs, this platform has made improvements and developments for the last two years. According to  Prama Yudha Amdan, as the Government Relation Lead, this platform in the near future will provide 24 hours online consultation service.

Yudha’s visit to UNAIR on Tuesday, March 8 was to meet the Head of UNAIR Information and Public Relations Center, Drs. Suko Widodo, M.Si., for possible future collaborations between and UNAIR.

In this regard, Suko is still reviewing the possibility as is related closely to teaching and education, while UNAIR does not focus on the field of teaching.

But Suko did not close for any possible collaborations. As explained by Yudha, UNAIR can collaborate with them in providing content and recommendation for internships of UNAIR information technology students to work with  (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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