Witness God’s Greatness from Nuruzzaman

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Enthusiasts witnessing the rare phenomenon of solar eclipse (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – The sky is still dark. The sun has not yet risen. The call to dawn prayer has not been heard. Some youngsters were seen trying to get into the mosque, Nuruzzaman from the main gate of Campus B. There’s no sign of the main gate is going to be opened, then they turned their rides to the side gate from Jalan Dharmawangsa. They made it to go into Campus B past Faculty of Law and parked at the side of Nuruzzaman.

In the dead morning, they looked to be full of spirits. It’s quite natural as that Wednesday, March 9 was a special day. Rare phenomenon of solar eclipse could be seen from some regions in Surabaya including Surabaya. Even though people of Surabaya could only see a partial solar eclipse, enthusiasm to witness the God’s greatness was not fading. In Nuruzzaman mosque, some youngsters wanted to contemplate God’s greatness. The mosque was holding Islamic study before they performed the solar eclipse prayer.

After the dawn prayer, the religious group then listens to a sermon by Ustadz Ali Misbahul Munir. Ustadz Ali reminded the audience to always be human who constantly performs tafakkur, tadabbur, and tadzakkur. An individual who always thinks, learns and remembers God’s greatness.
The group, which was only a few rows during dawn prayer, keeps growing. The main hall of the mosque became crowded so people who keep coming took their place in the terrace of the mosque. In the occasion, Ustadz Ali complemented the enthusiasm for participating in the eclipse prayer as a part of their spirit to enliven the sunnah (The Prophet Muhammad’s teachings).

“In the afterlife, of course we want to be acknowledged as The Prophet Muhammad’s followers. Whoever enlivens the sunnah, they will be recognized by the Prophet. Eclipse prayer is an effort to enliven that sunnah,” he said in front of hundreds prayers.
Closing the eclipse moment, the people were increasing in numbers. Students and local community pray together without boundaries. Without adzan, a calling ‘asshalatu jamiah’ then made all of them stand to perform eclipse prayer together.

Two rakat, four ruku’. The eclipse prayer in Nuruzzaman was done solemnly. Holy verses from God were recited so beautifully that some of the prayers could not hold their tears. For a moment, their souls were flown and carried to the Almighty. Two sermons encouraged the people to keep improving their belief, perfect the rituals in order to contemplate on God’s greatness.

After the prayer, most of the prayers enjoyed the morning from the mosque’s terrace while looking at what was left of the eclipse with ND5 filtered-glasses they carried. Some took turns using the glasses which protect their eyes. Utterances which praise the God were heard after they witnessed the natural phenomenon.

“Never expected the enthusiast would be these many,” said Bagus Wilar, a student of FEB UNAIR who was there to pray. He was glad he could witness God’s greatness together with so many people in Nuruzzaman.

The next total solar eclipse was estimated occuring again on April 20, 2042 and September 12, 2053. Indonesia can also see a hybrid eclipse on April 20, 2023 and November 25, 2049. (*)
Author : Yeano Andhika

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