Vice Rector IV UNAIR Junaidi Khotib, Ready to Escort “University Holding”

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JUNAIDI KHOTIB, S.Si, Apt., M.Kes, Ph.D, ready to escort university holding for UNAIR (Photo: Binti Quryatul Masruroh)

UNAIR NEWS – Vice Rector IV Universitas Airlangga, Junaidi Khotib, S.Si, Apt., M.Kes, Ph.D, is one of the best UNAIR scholars. He started teaching in his alma mater in 1995, right after he was graduated as pharmacist. The best bachelor graduate Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) UNAIR in 1993 taught while studying for his master degree in Faculty of Medicine on Biochemistry.

His love to pharmaceutical study made him study and study. He took a PhD program in Hoshi University, Tokyo from 2001-2004. He learned there to his heart’s content. It has complete facilities, laboratories and libraries are open 24 hours. His love to science brought him opportunity to higher education, a Post Doctoral study in the same university from 2014-2005.

His eagerness to teach made UNAIR named him as a lecturer with achievements and be a finalist at national level in the same year. In addition, since 2005 he has been a guest lecturer in International Islamic University Malaysia.

Before appointed as Vice Rector on Alumni Relations and Business, the man born in Jombang on October 22 1970 was Vice Dean II of UNAIR Faculty of Pharmacy (2010-2015). As he is new to the division entrusted to him, he admitted that he did not have the whole picture on the IV division. Therefore, before he accepted the job from the Rector, he contemplated.

“Can I do this? Is it good for me, my institution, and the community? I kept asking myself and expecting some hints from God until finally I decided to take the job. I considered that as I had the experience as vice dean. While keep teaching and improving science, I will also learn to manage personnels, resources and time,” Junaidi said.

After he got the whole picture of his job as a vice rector, he formulated strategical plan to improve his division, alumni and university holding.

Alumni Networking

To improve alumni networking, he designed four things to do, updating alumni database, making alumni profiles, improving Airlangga Connection and expanding cooperation.

The head of Bio-equivalency Laboratory, UNAIR Faculty of Pharmacy in 2008-2013 said that the alumni database should be extended using their data when they were just graduated. For the development, we will work with UNAIR Directorate of Information System to provide special online portal for alumni, so the image of UNAIR alumni will be better in public.  Moreover, there are many UNAIR alumni with great achievements and contributing significantly in the society. Some of them are  Ignasius Jonan (Minister of Transportation), Khofifah Indar Parawansa (Minister of Social Services), Hatta Ali (Head of Supreme Court), Muhammad Saleh (Supreme Judge), Soekarwo (East Java Governor), Desra Percaya (Indonesian Ammbassador in UN), and other important figures.

“The community do not know if they are UNAIR alumni, even some UNAIR civitas also do not know. Therefore, extensive alumni profile will be shown in the website or published to mass media,” Junaidi said.

Hopefully, when the alumni database and profiles are managed better then UNAIr networking will consequently get better. With Airlangga Connection, we can connect the alumni.

“I have a dream where alumni can talk to each other through the website, just like in Harvard University. From it we can communicate a lot of things,” added Junaidi. The university also gives official email for each student which can be used forever, so wherever they are, communication with alma mater can always be established.

University Business

Top universities in the world have their own businesses. They do not rely on students’ tuition and government subsidies. UNAIR efforts to be financially independent were already mapped and planned in the form of Academic Business Unit (SUA).

As an appointed university to reach Top 500 World Class University in 2009, future targets have been formulated in work meetings, including financial targets. For example, as of this year UNAIR wants to increase student head count cost to Rp 40 million/year/student. There are also some steps to increase university income, by managing research production, developing SUA and commercial business unit (SUK).

“To be highlighted here, to improve university income shouldn’t be from students but from other sources,” Junaidi said.

Research production management should be followed up as all this time many researches stopped on research desk only when so many of UNAIR researches potential to be applied for community. Seed vaccine of avian influenza and HIV, products of diagnostic kit are some of potential researches can be followed up. Problems which hamper will be solved.

“We have planned business unit Airlangga Bioproduct to find production company for UNAIR researches as it hasn’t been possible for us to have our own production unit. Furthermore, to establish a company, the product should be specific and other things to consider. So the easiest way is to find the third party and UNAIR get the royalty,” explained Vice Rector IV UNAIR.

Facilities like Airlangga Convention Center (ACC) and guest house can be commercialized. SUK such as Language Center (Faculty of Humanities), Psychological Service Center (Faculty of Psychology), Integrated Laboratory (Faculty of Pharmacy), UNAIR Hospital, Dental and Oral Hospital, also Veterinary Hospital will always be developed. Then UNAIR SUK such as PT Dharma Putra Airlangga which operates in heavy equipments and transportation will be improved for business diversification (*)

Author : Inda Karsunawati
Editor   : Bambang Bes

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