Pertamina Director Shares Inspiring Stories at FEB

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Pertamina Director Dwi Soetjipto (left) during a business gathering, Transformasi Pertamina Menjadi Perusahaan Energi Berkelas Dunia (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – FEB Management Master Program was visited by a national figure on Saturday afternoon, March 6. He was the director of Pertamina, Dwi Soetjipto. One of the members of UNAIR Board of Trustees came as a speaker in a business gathering, Transformasi Pertamina Menjadi Perusahaan Energi Berkelas Dunia (Pertamina Transformation to Become World Class Energy Company).

In the occasion, the former Semen Indonesia director emphasized the importance of creativity and determination. They are the main qualities we need to compete globally. Our knowledge should be global but nationalism and love to our nation should be the bases of our acts.

What also important is insatiability. He illustrated on how Pertamina currently considered as a big state-owned company, but the employees in it should not feel it is their comfort zone. “There are greater challenges out there. We should be sensitive to changes. Don’t let ourselves be complacent,” he said.

He drew an analogy between the diverse and swift pace of changes and the story of Noah’s ark. At that time, the flood could not be predicted and unexpected. If that happens, sense of crisis is indispensable.

In addition, he also expressed the importance of brainstorming with colleagues. From groups discussions, brilliant ideas often come to mind.

About 150 students and civitas academica attended the gathering, especially the ones from FEB. There were also attendees from practitioners and business enthusiasts.

They showed their enthusiasm in the intimate and warming sharing session. His fluent, easy to understand way of speaking, makes Dwi be the focus of attention in the venue.

The Head of Management Master Program, Dr Gancar Premananto said that his management often holds public lectures, seminars, business gatherings, meet-the-CEO events attended by important national figures with excellent track record. “We want the students get insights and knowledge firsthand from the experts. They can learn and interact directly from competent sources,” he said.

Hopefully, what was presented by Dwi could inspired students to think and apply their knowledge in the society as Dwi has been successful and had many achievements in business. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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