FKG to Get International Accreditation ASEAN University Network

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UNAIR NEWS –In 2015, S1 academic, dentistry profession and master programs were accredited A from BAN-PT. In 2016, FKG UNAIR was also accredited for some of its specialist programs.

These specialist programs were accredited by Institution of Independent Accreditation for Indonesian Medical Higher Education (LAM-PTKes). This year, Prosthodontics and tooth conservation dental specialist program was accredited A and a three year program of dental technology was accredited B.

“Our target is accreditation of 11 programs. After 6 programs accredited well, next is requesting for accreditations of five other specialist programs, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontics, and Oral Medicine and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, said the Dean of FKG, Dr. R., Darmawan Setijanto, drg., M.Kes.

Darmawan also added that these accreditation objectives were not merely for written acknowledgement, but also to improve the quality of the education. These excellent accreditations are the foundation for the next step, to be acknowledged at international level through ASEAN University Network (AUN). (*)

Author: FKG Public Relations
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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