Educate Community Not to Fear Reptiles

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Handling and Sexing Reptiles, an event held on Saturday, March 5 at UNAIR Banyuwangi. This event drew attentions of Banyuwangi youngsters. (Photo: A Zakky Multazam).

UNAIR NEWS – Student association of Veterinary Medicine Program FKH PDD UNAIR in Banyuwangi held an event, Handling and Sexing Reptiles, on Saturday, March 5. It was attended by dozens of Banyuwangi youngsters and invited reptile lovers’ community, “Banyuwangi Reptile Community”.

The event was held to educate reptile lovers on handling and sexing reptiles as well as educate people not to fear reptiles.

”Besides loving reptiles, we would like to remove the stigma which consider them dangerous, it is not true, in fact they can be useful for people,” said Rudi, the head of Banyuwangi Reptile Community.

Ecosystem’s balance is greatly influenced by reptiles. They had important roles in people’s life. Not only to control the population of smaller animals, but also to be source of food, pets and play roles in Arts and Culture for thousand s of years.

“People and students are expected to know more about conserved animals especially reptiles, so they can contribute in preserving animals’ biodiversity. Reptiles have had their important roles in the ecosystems for thousands of years, and nowadays they are vulnerable to human exploitation,” said  Drh. Thohawi Elziyad, the speaker in the event. (*)

Author: Ahmad Zakky Multazam
Editor : Bambang Bes

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