Come Back from Singapore to Serve Alma mater

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UNAIR NEWS – Being able to work while studying requires a lot of aspects such as creativity and good time management. They are things Asih Saraswati, a student from S1 Aquaculture Management, always worked on.

A girl born in Mojokerto, January 16 1991 is a multi-talented student. She has been a reporter plus a photographer in mass media Warta UNAIR. Then she moved to UNAIR Radio to a broadcaster and in the creative team. She also oftens edits audio visual products as well as makes teaser and promotional poster. “ I love what I do. I got a lot of experience, insights and networks,” said the member of NKRI Expedition with Kopassus in 2003.

She understands if what she does now is not related with her current study. “But, I always have a principle to make my second hobby as a part of my job and my first hobby recreational. My first hobby is travelling, so I chose a major which makes me wander and work outdoor. My second hobby is more or less what I do now in this campus media,” said the first full four year scholarship awardee.

From Singapore, Back to PIH
Yeano D. Andhika’s love to journalism is irrefutable. In 2013, this Ngawi native student born on January 1, 1994 joined Warta UNAIR. He had been a contributor and an editor until 2015.

From July 2015 to January 2016, the student of S1 Islamic Economy FEB 2012 appointed as an exchange student in National University of Singapore (NUS). In February 2016, he came back to Indonesia. The head of scientific division of Islamic Economy Student Association even came back to serve UNAIR Newsroom as a magazine editor or UNAIR NEWS website. “His English proficiency is great. He also had experience here, so we’re glad to accept him back,” said the Newsroom Coordinator, Bambang BES.

Yeano itself was grateful he could serve in a structure of Information and Public Relations (PIH). His journalism skill is honed well. He also often meets and interviews an important figure or a statesman. “The experience is always enlightening,” said the head of scientific division in BEM FEB UNAIR 2015.(*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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