UNAIR Campus C Drainage Cleaned

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Drainage excavation in UNAIR Campus C using heavy equipment, backhoe. (Photo: K3 Environmental Division)

UNAIR NEWS – Drainage cleaning and normalization program in UNAIR Campus C has been started since February 22. Drainage cleaned was the one stretches by the street from the Men’s Dormitory to Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH). It was started there and continued to clean all drainage from mud and garbage. New line of sewage system might even be built to let the water flow even more smoothly.

Agus Sutiyono, S.Sos., Chief of Environmental Division, Medical and Work Safety Sub-directorate (K3), Directorate of Facility and Infrastructures UNAIR said that the drainage excavation and normalization was done with cooperation of Public Work, Street Maintenance and Drainage Agency (PUBMP) Surabaya.

The drainage cleaning was inspired from similar work done in Campus B by Dr. Soetomo General Hospital. The directorate submitted an official request to the PUBMP Agency on February 1, 2016. PUBMP authority surveyed the site on February 15 and the first excavation used a backhoe was on February 22, 2016.  Due to heavy rainfall and floods in some parts of the city, the backhoe was used temporarily in Jl. Ngaglik to fix the drainage there, then directed to Jl. Dharma Husada for similar work.

”So the next cleaning should be in Campus C, but we’ll wait further instruction from the agency as the owner of the heavy equipment,” said Agus Sutiyono to UNAIR NEWS.

The biggest river excavation and tougher estimated by Agus would be drainage which connects Women’s Dormitory to the right side of Student Center (SC) which divides FKM and FST. As the drainage is wider, he estimated that floating barge will be needed for maximum results, and if needed,  new line of sewage system might even be built to let the water flow even more smoothly.

“Normalizations are needed as drainage flow stretches along agricultural fields is disrupted at the sides from grass and other wild plants because it hasn’t been plastered,” said Agus who is optimistic the flow will be normal as drainage is cleaned.    (*)

Author: Bambang Bes

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