Publicization of Research and Community Service at PDD UNAIR Banyuwangi

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Publicization in encouraging research and community service to the lecturers of PDD UNAIR Banyuwangi last Friday, March 4. (Photo: A Zakky Multazam)

UNAIR NEWS – Institute of Education, Training and Community Service and Development (LP4M) and Institute of Research and Innovation (LPI) Universitas Airlangga, on Friday March 4 held a publicization on research and community services to lecturers of Beyond Domicile Program (PDD) UNAIR Banyuwangi. It was held in a study at Banyuwangi Campus and attended by all lecturing staff of PDD Banyuwangi.

The publicization was directly presented by the Head of LP4M Prof. Dr. H. Jusuf Irianto, Drs., M.Com., and the Head of LPI UNAIR Prof. H. Hery Purnobasuki, Drs., M.Si., Ph.D. From this event, hopefully, there will be more researches and journal publications of PDD UNAIR lecturers as most of them are still young. This publicization was similar with the one held by Prof. Suryanto as PDD UNAIR Banyuwangi coordinator not long ago.

”Research publications has been a custom, and this custom should be followed by fellow lecturers in UNAIR Banyuwangi,” said the head of LPI UNAIR Prof. Hery Purnobasuki.

The easy access of communication and publication nowadays should be able to support the publication process. Conducting a research should not be done individually but also assisted by students so they can learn. Tips like this were communicated so the lecturers can be more active in conducting researches and community services, including its publications.

”There should be 30 hours in a day, and 9 days in a week,” added Prof. Jusuf Irianto to elaborate that science is immensely vast. From the saying, we learn that there are many things we can study and many simple things have not been studied and published as scientific papers.

The professor from FISIP UNAIR ended the session with a saying and wisdom for the young lecturers in Banyuwangi. “Anything you achieve today and in the future, do not let it change who you are,” said Prof. Jusuf. (*)

Author: Ahmad Zakky Multazam
Editor: Bambang Bes

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