Perform Well at College and at Work, Believe Achievement Important

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UNAIR NEWS – Serving in Online Customer Care (CC) PIH UNAIR is an interesting experience for Rekha Finazis. A girl who works with Bagus Prasetyo has the opportunities to interact with the public especially social media users such as Facebook, twitter, Line, BBM and other social media.

“I like meeting new people and working in PIH has given me the opportunities to meet inspiring figures in the nation,” said the Public Health graduate who is currently studying at Epidemiology Master Program.

In UNAIR she has made a lot of achievements. The girl born in Bandung on August 5 1992 was named in the fifth place of national scientific paper competition hosted by UNDIP and she also got PPA UNAIR scholarship 2012/2013.

“I often followed UNAIR delegation in education fair,” said the girl who has written for UNAIR NEWS for a few times.

In Customer Care division PIH, there is also a student of Communications Science. Her name is Hedy Diah Syahputri. The girl born in Gresik, January 25 1994 admitted that she learns a lot in PIH. “At least I am not a kupu-kupu (after classes go home) student who doesn’t get the whole picture of campus life,” she said while giggling.

Interestingly, the girl who sometimes be a broadcaster in UNAIR Radio and be the MC of university’s events can put her knowledge she gets in classes into practice for example on Public Relations. She works in line with her studies.

Hedy said that PIH is her second home. “Being here, I feel that I have another family. We’re a solid team,” said the girl who joined SNMPTN publicization in Madiun. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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