Students in Airlangga Bojonegoro Community (ABC) taking snapshots after an event of Muleh Omah Project (Photo: Special).
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UNAIR NEWS – Students in Airlangga Bojonegoro Community (ABC) understand well that their usefulness as student regional organization (ormada) is indispensable. It was seen from their later project called Muleh Omah Project. During last term holiday, they contributed in the society through the project.

There were many activities in Muleh Omah Project such as essay competition for Senior High Schools in Bojonegoro,   ABC Goes To School which was a part of #UnairSapaNegeri initiated by UNAIR Student Executive Board (BEM), , Njungok Ormada, a discussion themed ‘Abdi Untuk Bojonegoro’(Serve Bojonegoro) was held with other Bojonegoro students organization from all parts of Indonesia, tryout SBMPTN#SuperSunday for Senior High School  students, inspiring talkshow in the pendopo which invited UNAIR students with achievements and UNAIR lecturers from Bojonegoro and also some representatives of the government of the regency.

“It is quite amazing. During holiday we can go home and contribute at home. We were glad as so many companies in Bojonegoro support our series of events, such as Exxon Mobil, and Aston Bojonegoro,” said the head of ABC 2015, Andy Ahmad Alfian.

The project was inspired by Pulang Kampuang, a project of community service from Minang people for their hometown. Other than activities above, ABC also strengthen the members’ ties through ABC on Vacation in Sarangan Lake, Magetan. The project then ended by a community service event in villages such ABC Mengajar in Duwel Village, Bojonegoro.

These kinds of events will be held continuously by ABC. Muleh Omah Project will be a brand of the events with some uniqueness in the implementation.

Author: Zahrina Arum Nabilah
Editor: Yeano Andhika

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