Japanese World 2016 Introduces Japanese Culture

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All-out: MeiruHamu (middle), nyanyamo nyao(right), and Adinda Tri Dianti cosplaying Gintama’s anime (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR Faculty of Humanities atmosphere in the end of holiday was different from the usual days. It was suddenly crowded with Japanese festivities. Japanese Literature Department held an event to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the department.

It was called Japanese World (JW), an annual festival with various series of unique and different activities related to Japan. JW this year was held on February 27-28 2016, with a theme of Mukashi kara mirai e tsunagaru which means “From the past connects to the future”. (Photo gallery click here)

“JW is an annual event to celebrate the anniversary of the Japanese Literature Department. Furthermore, JW is held to introduce Japanese Culture to public. Not only its traditional cultures, the modern cultures are also introduced. So, the public can see the unique Japanese culture. JW 2016 also introduced JW icons which will be present in the next events, Jun and Wati. The two icons illustrate the good relationship of Indonesia and Japan,” said Ezzy, the head of the committee of JW 2016.

Getting into the area of JW, the visitors were welcomed by torii (Unique Japanese gates). In the stage located at FISIP car-park, Japanese food stalls were lined up, there were takoyaki, okonomiyaki and ramen.   The event was opened by the sound of gong, it was attended by the head of the Department of Japanese Literature UNAIR, representatives of Japan General Consulate in Surabaya, and also the Head of Public Relations and Tourism Agency.

Meanwhile in FIB building, there were many unique stands, especially on the third floor. There were performances such as obake yashikiya, Japanese haunted house with Yuki Onna as the main ghost. Visitors could get in alone or in pairs with certain entry fee.

There was a show case of chanoyu, green tea serving technique and JW Café which presented maid and butler with interesting dishes such as rice and chicken katsu. After ordering the dishes, the visitors could take pictures with the maids in the JW Café. In a different room, there was a fitting room for visitors to try on yukata, a kind of kimono made of thin cotton without layer.

On FIB second floor, there were displays of manga drawings. There were also competitions such okeru (karaoke), tabetaikai (eating competition), and kuizutaikai(trivial quiz for high schools’ students). Those competitions were held indoor and outdoor.

In this JW, there were communities which collaborated and made stands in FIB hall such as Aliansi Vocaloid Surabaya and Komunitas Osu!

“Osu! Surabaya is a game based on rhythm which can be downloaded free,” said Bagus Satria, one of the community members who is also FIB 2014 student.

Other than competitions, there were some performances in this JW. Niseikai Yosakoi, BSO Pakarsajen performance, and Mini-Undokai. In the late afternoon, there was a performance from Niseikai Story, can then the closing to welcome the second day of  JW UNAIR 2016. (*)

Author: Lovita Martafabella and Aldi Syahrul Putra
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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