Guest Lecture from Hiroshima University Starts FPK New Semester

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UNAIR NEWS – In the first week of the semester, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) UNAIR held a guest lecture. The topic was “Phytoplankton and Microalgae Communities In Various Ocean System” and held in B-303 Room. The lecturer was Kazuhiko Koike, PhD., from Hiroshima University, Japan. The lecture was about the functions of phytoplankton in the ecosystem. One of its function is to be the main object of food chain as it has photosynthesis ability.

“If phytoplankton doesn’t exist, then water ecosystem’s balance will be ruined,” Kazuhiko Koike said.

Guest lecture held on Tuesday, March 1 also explained the current condition of phytoplankton which is still abundant in the sea. Eventhough it becomes the food source for the whole year, phytoplankton can reach 100,000 kilo tons. It is very different from consumer fish which can only reach 10 to 1,000 kilo tons for a year. The abundant phytoplankton needs to be managed and turned into useful product so it can add collection of fishery products which is still limited.

“Who knows the number of the fish in the sea? Nobody knows, but how many fishery products do we know? You can count them directly,” he said.

The fact showed that processed products from the kinds of plankton and microalgae were merely in the cosmetics, but there is also plankton which becomes fuel. Plankton can also be harmful if blooming plankton causes red tide. Red tide happens when the amount of plankton increased exponentially in the water area.

“Some plankton was poisonous when it is consumed as it can cause paralytic, diarrhea and neurological disorders, thus we need the science to manage it,” he said.  (*)

Author: Lutfi Marzuki
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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