FKM Banyuwangi Educates Community to Prevent DBD

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PSN and DBD prevention education in Boyolangu village, Banyuwangi by FKM UNAIR Banyuwangi (Photo: A. Zakky Multazam)

UNAIR NEWS – Initiated by one of its lecturers, Faculty of Public Health (FKM) PDD UNAIR Banyuwangi academicians educate the community on mosquito prevention and  eradication breeding places (PSN) to people in Boyolangu village, Banyuwangi on Wednesday, March 2. The local community showed enthusiasm during the event.

Dengue fever is a disease which is feared and it has appeared more recently. In early 2016, there were DBD extraordinary case (KLB) in some regions. Thus, Banyuwangi government also anticipated its spread.

Regarding the matter, Public Health PDD UNAIR Banyuwangi proposed PSN program to Banyuwangi Health Agency in order to prevent the disease caused by aedes aegypti mosquitoes.  Health agency then recommended them to cooperate with Mojopanggung Public Health Center (Puskesmas) to hold this event in Boyolangu village. Prior to the event, the students were trained and educated on February 6.

”The education program will be continued on March 6 in some places in Boyolangu village. PSN topic in order to stop the mosquitoes’ life cycle will be presented and the students will be accompanied by Puskesmas officials,” said Aziz, the coordinator of the program.

“Fogging is only effective to eradicate the matured mosquitoes. Thus, PSN activity should be held thoroughly to containers that can be the breeding places of the mosquitoes,” said Dian Santo Prayogo, SKM., M.Kes., the supervising lecturer.

DBD cases often appear in the early and the end of rainy season, so it is the right time to do this activity in March, so the people can be ready to prevent the disease which is expected KLB happens in April.

“Hopefully, it won’t happen, and to prevent is always better than to cure,” she added. (*)

Author: Ahmad Zakky Multazam
Editor: Bambang Bes

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