Civitas PDD UNAIR Meet Banyuwangi Regent

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Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas (middle) taking picture with PDD UNAIR Banyuwangi Coordinator Prof. Suryanto accompanied with some lecturers and students of UNAIR Banyuwangi in a feast event to celebrate the regent’s leadership in Banyuwangi (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – In his first official speech as Banyuwangi regent, Abdullah Azwar Anas, at Pendapa “Saba Swagata Blambangan”invited people from many communities to see him lead the town famous for“Sunrise of Java” for the second time. The local government invited public figures, villages chiefs and member of DPR.

The event was held in order to communicate briefly the program of next five-year-term. This first speech will be followed through in the work meeting of Banyuwangi government.

The high officials of universities in the town of Jangger were also invited. Some of them were the PDD UNAIR Program Coordinator in Banyuwangi, Prof. Dr. Suryanto, M.Si. The Professor of Faculty of Psychology was present accompanied by his secretary, Anak Agung Gde Satia Utama, SE., M.Ak., Ak., and two lecturers and three representatives of PDD UNAIR Banyuwangi’s students.

In his speech, Azwar Anas said that his programs related to the development acceleration of disadvantaged area will be implemented to distribute development equally in Banyuwangi.

“This program acceleration will not run well without supports of academicians especially from the universities in Banyuwangi,” said the Regent, Azwar Anas.

After the first speech, Prof. Suryanto also had a conversation with the Regent to congratulate him for his election held simultaneously in September 2015. In addition, Prof. Suryanto also expressed his willingness to accelerate the development of  “Kota Kendang Kempul” by improving quality of PDD UNAIR Banyuwangi and contribute in the programs of Banyuwangi Government.  (*)

Author : Ahmad Zakky Multazam
Editor : Bambang Edy Santoso

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