UNAIR News Coverage Summary: Challenged Student in SNMPTN Quota, Following IPO Investigation Bank Jatim

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Challenged Student in SNMPTN Quota

A challenged student from SMAN 8 Surabaya and SMAN 10 Surabaya deserved to be proud of themselves as they were included in SNMPTN quota this year. The data of SMAN 10 Surabaya showed that its challenged students (inclusion class) have registered to state to university even in the previous years. Last year, they were admitted in various universities in Indonesia such as UNAIR, UNESA, UI, ITB and Ubaya.

Meanwhile, schools’ officials were monitoring their students’ admissions. They made sure that the registration has been finalized by the committee; they also helped the students to map their competences in order to determine their majors. The headmaster of SMAN 1 Surabaya, Johannes Mardjiono, suggested if there is tight competition at school, students were expected to choose different programs or universities. But, he gave students freedom to choose their majors based on their interests.

Jawa Pos page 25 and 35, Thursday, March 3 2016

Kejati Jatim Insisted Nothing Wrong with Bank Jatim IPO Investigation

East Java Prosecutor’s Office (Kejati Jatim) insisted that alleged manipulation on Bank Jatim IPO has not been proven and nothing was wrong with it. Special Crime Investigation Division of Kejati Jatim, Dendeni Herdiana, said that his institution has not determined any suspects. UNAIR graduate said that the state did not suffer loss as the money has been returned. Therefore, the supplicant insisted that the case should no longer need investigation. In addition, Amir Burhanuddin, one of the counselors said that there was nothing new from the rejoinder. If there is investigation, new problem will rise and unethical legal process taken.

Jawa Pos page 17, Tuesday, March 1 2016

Author: Thia Aminah

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