UNAIR LPDP Awardee Shares Tips to Get LPDP Scholarship

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UNAIR RADIO – Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) Scholarship is Master and Doctoral Program scholarship in excellent universities, domestic or international, for anyone who met the requirements of LPDP. LPDP is aimed to produce future leaders in 2045 which can change Indonesia to be world leading country. The scholarship is full-endorsement, including tuition, accommodation, book allowance and research fund and publication.

Ridzky Anis Advent Yudha, UNAIR alumnus of Biology 2009 is one of the LPDP awardees who will continue his study at Newcastle University, England. Before applying for the scholarship, Ridzky emphasized to understand LPDP vision and missions, which is to create human resources who will be future leaders, because the reviewers look for awardees that correspond LPDP vision and missions. In addition, awardees are also expected to plan their life and support LPDP objectives.

To get the scholarship, there are two phases required. First, prepare the administrative papers. If they are fulfilled, then the next phase consists of interview, essay and leaderless group discussion. In this phase, the applicants are interviewed by a psychologists and academicians. The second phase is the deciding phase as the applicants will be questioned thoroughly regarding their objectives, their critical way of thinking on national issues in the society, and  their abilities to position themselves especially in leaderless group discussion.

Applicants have to understand current national issues and be able to promote best solution to be implemented in the society. The most important thing is how to convince the reviewers that they are the people they look for which will contribute as best as they can to be future leaders. Interviewers will assess applicants’ professionalism, nationalism, integrity, determination and emotional control. During the interview, applicants have to show their best performance to convince the interviewers.

Ridzky emphasized that everything needs a process so the scholarship application cannot be done in a short period. Academic preparation should be well-managed and excellent English is absolutely needed. We can learn the basic knowledge on the master program concentration. So, we will know the problem in the field of study. Next solution taken can be analyzed and then later can be developed in Indonesia.

UNAIR alumnus succeeded in getting LPDP scholarship are not many. Ridzky hoped that there will be many applicants from UNAIR and they can compete well in Indonesia on  Friday February 26

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