UNAIR-MPR Discuss Development and GBHN

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Representatives of MPR-RI and Universitas Airlangga(Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR-RI) cooperated with UNAIR to hold a focus group discussion (FGD, Penataan Sistem Perekonomian Nasional (Berbasis Demokrasi Pancasila) dan Reformulasi Sistem Perencanaan Pembangunan Model GBHN (Structuralizing National Economics System and Reformulation of GBHN Model Development Planning System), on Tuesday, March 1 at Suites Hotel Surabaya. There were ten members of MPR RI consisted of DPR RI and DPD RI as MPR RI Review Council involved in the discussion.

The ten members of MPR RI were TB Hasanuddin (PDIP), TB Soemandjaja (PKS), Hendrawan Supratikno (PDIP), M. Sarmudji (Golkar), HA Mujib Rohmat (Golkar), Aryo PS Djojohadikusumo (Gerindra), Marwan Cik Asan (Democratic Party), Anna Mu’awanah (PKB), Djoni Rolindrawan (Hanura), and Gede Pasek Suardika (DPD). Their coming was to ask UNAIR experts’ counsels.

“We’re not experts. So we should always cooperate with experts from many fields of study,” said TB Hasanuddin the leader of the group. UNAIR, in his opinion, is a prestigious university with many experts for discussion partners.

Prof. Djoko Mursinto of FEB, Dr. Suparto Wijoyo of FH, and Drs. Priyatmoko, MA of FISIP were the sources in the discussion. Prof. Joko highlited the role of villages in its paper, Desa sebagai Ujung Tombak Pembangunan Ekonomi Kerakyatan (Villages as the Top of the Spear of People’s Economic Development).

“All these time, villages were the objects and never become the subjects of national economic development,” said the professor of Developmental Economy. Furthermore, he said that Regulation Number 6 in 2014 on Villages was just a phase of making villages be the subjects. In the future, this regulation implementation should be observed further.

Priyatmoko, the source from Political department emphasized the importance of realizing people’s prosperity. In the 1945 Constitutions, Article 33 is the foundation of national economy and the government should implement it in Indonesian national economy. Related to GBHN, he said that if later GBHN is re-established, it should not be merely texts with no obvious implementation.

“Current MPR RI is no longer authoritative. First to do is to return its dignity and values as the highest institution in the nation,” said Suparto Wijoyo. In the occasion, he said that MPR all this time was merely observing institution which did not represent the people’s will when MPR actually consist of DPR and DPD which had bigger authority.

“MPR has the authority to change and establish constitutions and also has the authority to annul the regulation which contradicts the Constitution,” he added. Therefore, if there is an economic regulation which contradicts the 1945 Constitutions, Article 33 specifically, MPR RI can intervene the matter.

Other than being the sources, the UNAIR academicians who are experts on development, state administration, and public policy were also present to join the discussion in the FGD. (*)

Author : Yeano Andhika

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