Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR (2/3/16)

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Server Slows Down, Students Anxious
SNMPTN registration period was opened yesterday. Unfortunately, on the first day of registration, SNMPTN server slowed down. Consequently, many students could not log in. It was also experienced by Pramesvara Naori Rachmadhani from SMAN 6. She was anxious as she could not log in into the SNMPTN page at 11.50 AM local time. She wanted to enroll to UNAIR Faculty of Medicine. SMAN Negeri 21 Moch Arifana of the school curriculum division, said that on the first day of registration, students mostly check the page on their mobile phones. The school’s official could not directly oversee the students included in 75% quota. But the school has facilitated its counselling division to assist students determining programs of their choice.

Jawa Pos page 25and 35, Radar page 1 and 2,Thursday, March 1 2016

The Last Book of Supernova Creates Amazement
A novel by Dewi Lestari (Dee), Supernova has made its loyal readers pleased in amazement. The last book of Supernova saga titled Inteligensi Embun Pagi was expected to exceed the first book. Abdul Rosid Novianto, Universitas Airlangga student also felt the same way. Even though at first he had difficulty to understand the words in the book, but he believed this book can give new insight to the readers.

Jawa Pos page 17, Tuesday, March 1 2016

National State of Disaster Emergency (Opinion of FISIP UNAIR lecturer, Bagong Suyanto)
Disasters struck Indonesia lately could be seen as the works of God, but research showed that human activity was the major cause of global climate change. UNAIR Institute of Research and Community Services’ study in 2015 showed some effects of climate change such as destroyed facilties and infrastructures, disease outbreak especially related to respiratory system, drought and water shortage, disasters and finally it causes raising price of food as the food productivity declining. Therefore, to prevent further effect, efforts to train community’s adaptive ability and reduce risks of disaster were developed.

Republika page 6, Tuesday, March 1 2016

Man Makes Chin Pointy through Cosmetic Surgery
dr Iswinarno Doso Saputro SpBP (RE) who is currently taking a specialist degree at FK UNAIR said that there was an impression saying pointy chin makes men looked smarter. Many of them went through cosmetic surgery to improve chin appearance. There are two things can be done to make chin pointy or geniolpasty. First, chin implant or attaching solid silicone implant. Second, by cutting chin bone technique about 1 cm. In his opinion, using implant is better as it is removable. It can be removed and replaced as the patient wish. But using their own bones is also considered economical as it does not need further procedures in the future. Other than make their chin pointy, men also enhance the shape of their eye bags.

Jawa Pos page 36, Wednesday, March 2 2016

Encourage Youngsters to Inspire Society
In the event of “Berani Memulai Startup!” held by Lenovo at UNAIR Faculty of Economy and Business, Marsha Chikita Fawzy encouraged youngsters to do positive activities through a community named Inspiration Class at FEB UNAIR. He shared tips how to inspire the society as she was a start up developer. Chiki who has loves drawing used her hobby to find experience and worked in a production house which produces animation Upin Ipin in Malaysia. But in 2012, she chose to go home and build her own production house from the experience working in Malaysia. Through Lenovo program Siap Maju Inspiration Hunt, youngsters hopefully will start to realize their dreams.

Seputar Indonesia page 11, Surya page 13 and 16, Radar page 5, Wednesday, March 2 2016

904 Students Register SNMPTN UNAIR
As of Wednesday, March 2, senior high schools students who has registered for SNMPTN UNAIR reached 904 students, 520 for the first choice and 384 for the second choice. Rector UNAIR Prof. Muhammad Nasih explained that it was 43% of SNMPTN quota at UNAIR which is 2,080 in total. The most popular program was Management with 86 registerers, Pharmacy with 80 registerers and accounting with 57 registerers. Prof Nasih also explained that this year UNAIR has the capacity of 5,200 for bachelor program. SNMPTN quota is 40%, SBMPTN is 30% and independent admission maximum 30% from each capacity of the university.

Seputar Indonesia page 11, Jawa Pos page 25 and 35, Surya page 13 Wednesday, March 2 2016

Author: Thia Aminah

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