Seek Excellent Scholars to Schools and Public Space

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PIH Team during publicization in a diner in Madiun. (Photo: UANAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – University is not an ivory tower. On the other hand, it is a place to blend in. The academicians should be able to reach all elements of the society.

That principle is always implemented by UNAIR. An effort by the university established in 1954 was by conducting publicization program of SNMPTN, SBMPTN and independent admission. The program to provide the information was conducted in schools and even in public space such as diners and town squares.

A similar program was done by Information and Public Relations (PIH) last week. They did a publicization activity in Madiun. “We went to some diners or crowded places like the town square. We gave out calendars and souvenirs as well as informed them about UNAIR. Hopefully, they who have talented children full of potentials will send their children to UNAIR,” said the Head of PIH, Drs Suko Widodo M.Si.

Suko explained that similar programs were also held in other towns. It is an effort to seek excellent scholars to study in UNAIR. (*)

Author :Rio F. Rachman

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