Build Network and Contribute to Alma mater through Campus Radio

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UNAIR NEWS – For them, who often listen to UNAIR Radio, must be familiar with the voice of Afifah Nurrosyidah. The girl born in Mojokerto, January 19 1995 is one of the popular broadcasters.

A student of S1 Information Systems Program was happy to be given opportunity to serve in one of the media in the structure of UNAIR Information and Public Relations Center (PIH). “My job in the radio is interesting. I coordinate with student organizations and other divisions in UNAIR. I often write news too for UNAIR NEWS,” said the girl who often appointed as MC in many university events.

Second place winner of announcing competition in Universitas Brawijaya in 2015 admitted that her network expands since she worked at UNAIR Radio. She claimed that it did not disturb her study as long as she managed her time well. The high officials of PIH are also pleased with her performance at work. “I want to give my best and contribute to my alma mater,” said the first child with two siblings who is also active at HIMA and BEM FST 2013-2015 as regeneration PSDM.

Active in Organizations and Met Inspiring Figures

Meanwhile, study in UNAIR Aquaculture and work at PIH were blessings for Thia Aminah Rahmawati. The girl born in Surabaya September 30, 1991 and awarded Asrama Bibit Unggul scholarship admitted to gaining great advantages.

“I used to be the deputy of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine’s Student Executive Board (BEM). In that position, I learned how to work well in organizations,” said the girl who has been awarded DIKTI grant for three times through Student Creativity Program.

During her service at PIH, the girl known as Thia has met many inspiring figures such as the governor, regents, state officials and academicians or high profile experts. UNAIR often invites those great people in many occasions and she is often in the committee of the events.

“I learn a lot from them. Also from the UNAIR high rank officials,” said the girl who has ever been an MC in the university graduation ceremony.

Other Thia’s job at PIH is monitoring mass media publications. She collects news about UNAIR and education issues. Naturally, due to her job, she gains vast knowledge. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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