WANALA UNAIR to Climb Denali Alaska Summit Next Year

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Faisal (Chief) (second from the left) , Suci Wulandari (secretary) (third from the left), and Wahyu Nur Wahid (Administration Division) (first from the left) visiting UNAIR NEWS editorial room(Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – The fifth expedition of Seven Summits WANALA UNAIR is going to start next year. Mid-year 2017, WANALA UNAIR will climb Mount McKinley, also known as Denali , the highest summit in North America. Three chosen climbers will conquer the mountain with a summit elevation 20.237 feet or 6.168 meter above the sea level.

On Monday afternoon, February 29, three members of WANALA UNAIR in Denali expedition management, Faisal (chief), Suci Wulandari (the secretary), and Wahyu Nur Wahid (Administration Division) visited UNAIR NEWS editorial office to inform their expedition plan.

“Seven summits is the form of our love to this nation. As nature lovers’ organization, it is the only way of showing our pride as an organization,” said Faisal explaining the background of the seven summits expedition.

For the expedition to Denali, according to him, his management is currently selecting names to climb the summit located in Alaska, the USA. Nine people applied for the expedition. Two of them were women.

As the previous expedition, this climb will need more stamina. These nine people also make preparations. Physically, they train their endurance and fitness, for example by running long distance for 10 km and climbing three mountains, Arjuna, Welirang and Bromo as trials. They are trained by a trainer from Mahitala (nature’s lovers’ organization of Universitas Parahyangan) and Wanadri (Jungle and Mount climbers Association).

Besides physical preparation, they are also conducting a fund raising for the expedition which will need Rp 905 million.

“We are currently proposing for sponsorship in some companies and UNAIR alumni network,” said Wahyu Nur Wahid.

Seven Summits Expedition is a series of climbing by WANALA UNAIR to highest summits in every continent of the world. Four of them were achieved, Cartenz Summit, Gunung Jaya Wijaya, Indonesia (1994), Puncak Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (2009), Mount Elbrus Summit, Russia (2011), and Aconcagua Summit, Argentina (2013). Denali summit in North America, Vinson Massif in Antarctica and Everest in the Himalayas will complete their seven summits expedition.(*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S
Editor: Yeano Andhika

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