SN-SBMPTN Publicization for Senior High Schools in Madiun

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The attendees singing Indonesia Raya solemnly. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga through its Information and Public Relations (PIH) publicized SN-SBMPTN to three public senior high schools in Madiun. They were SMAN 1 Madiun, SMAN 2 Madiun, and SMAN 3 Madiun. Publicization was for students, teachers and parents to consider the right choice of universities.

Publicization was held on Thursday and Friday February 26-27. Students showed great enthusiasm when the event was opened.

“The keys to succeed in SNMPTN and SBMPTN were three things. First, study. Second, study diligently. Third, force yourselves to study diligently,” said the Head of PIH UNAIR, Suko Widodo in his speech to students.

Materials of the publicization were introduction about UNAIR, general and specific criteria of UNAIR freshmen admission, and tips to choose the right programs in SN-SBMPTN.

In the event, students were given chances to ask questions. One of the questions often asked was about the school accreditation and the effects of the accreditation on the opportunities of the students to be admitted in universities, especially UNAIR.

“What does blacklist mean? Does UNAIR implement blacklisting?,”asked one of the students from SMAN 1 Madiun.

PIH UNAIR team explained that schools with A Accreditation will have 75% quota out of its total students, 50% quota for B accredited school, and 20% for C accredited schools.

“UNAIR and other universities have same regulations. If a school cheats, then next year the school will be blacklisted (i.e. can take SNMPTN),” said Suko to answer the question regarding blacklist.

In the end of the event, Suko motivated the students to be ready and stay optimistic facing National Exam (UN) until they do SNMPTN and SBMPTN.

“It is important to study, study, and study diligently,” Suko said. (*)

Author: Alifian Sukma
Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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