Encourage Lecturers Active in Popular Scientific Writing

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Anwar Djaelani, one of the active columnists in mass media during his presentation on the workshop of popular scientific writing workshop. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Institute of Education, Training, Development and Community Services (LP4M) has held popular scientific article writing training among lecturers of UNAIR. The training was to motivate lecturers to write again in mass media. It was held in Kahuripan 201 Hall and attended by 60 lecturers on Monday February 29.

Anwar Djaelani, one of the active Indonesian columnists in a mass media was chosen as a speaker in the training. Prof. Dr. H. Jusuf Irianto, Drs., M.Comm. as the head of LP4M UNAIR hoped that the lecturers should not only be active to conduct research but also published their ideas in mass media.

“Hopefully, they can give scientific contributions which are significant and easy to understand by the community. They are active writing again in mass media, magazines, and other popular media which can help and be a reference for the community. For example, a lecturer from FKH writes about innovations or creativities in veterinary medicine. Lecturers from Economics, Law and even Psychology can do that too,” Prof. Jusuf said.

This training was to motivate, inspire, give systematic ideas to lecturers. There was also a simulation of writing an article. Composition was guided by a facilitator. Each work was corrected and sent to a mass media.

In addition, according to Prof. Jusuf, if a lecturer often writes in mass media, knowledge will flow easily to the community.

“Lecturers should not only stay in their ivory tower, but should also be a water tower which gives benefits through scientific and popular works,” said the professor on Human Resources Management, Faculty of Social And Political Sciences, UNAIR.

Next, LP4M UNAIR will also provide guidance to lecturers who want to send a proposal to DIKTI. It will be conducted by UNAIR lecturers who are also DIKTI reviewers.

“They (reviewers, -ed) are the source, guide the lecturers who want to sent proposals to DIKTI. So all of them can be accepted by DIKTI,” said the Head of LP4M UNAIR. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh

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