Body and Soul Practiced in Campus

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High officials and employees of UNAIR management, faculty and supporting units during morning exercise at UNAIR Management Office. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – To give best performances, employees or high officials should have fit body and soul. Therefore, employees need to ‘move’ more with exercising and pray together at the determined times.

UNAIR Director of Human Resources, Dr. Purnawan Basundoro, S.S., M.Hum, has issued a memo since February 2016. He has encouraged the high officials and wmployees of UNAIR Management, faculty and supporting units to do morning exercise on Friday and pray together in the Mosque or prayer room in UNAIR.

“I hope all employees can do exercise to stay healthy. When we have healthy bodies, we can perform at our best. Of course, our healthy bodies should be accompanied by peaceful soul. In this regard, for moslems, I encourage them to pray together. For non-moslems, they can pray in accordance to their own faith,” Purnawan said.

Doing Exercise

Every Friday morning, at UNAIR including the one in front of the Management office; there are many employees and high officials smiling and sweating in the car-park. They move their bodies following the up-beat music and guided by an instructor. They show faces full of spirit and shout once in a while during exercise.

The exercise lasts for 25-30 minutes and it is enough to make them sweat. Some of them even go jogging around Campus C to warm up before exercising together.

On futsal pitch of Campus C, there were employees mostly men play futsal. Some of them wear their favorite teams’ jerseys.

After the morning exercise, snacks and breakfast are provided by the committee. The menu is varied each week. Sometimes the committee provides a cup of mineral water, soybean milk, and wrapped meals. To make it even more fun, the committee or the instructor usually gives gift to the participant with the most spirit.

If at Management office the exercise and futsal is started at 07.00, in some faculties and supporting units such as UNAIR Hospital it is started at 06.00-06.30. At Faculty of Medicine, it is held in front of NIAS building, started around six o’clock and attended by many employees and lecturers. At UNAIR Hospital, it is held indoor on the eighth floor (auditorium of UNAIR Hospital).

Prof. Dr. Nasronudin, dr., Sp.PD-KPTI, as the President Director of UNAIR Hospital, this exercise activity is useful to bond among employees. “It is voluntary and it is good. In addition, it can relax the nerves at work, improve the employees’ memories so they can be accurate and precise at work,” Prof. Nasron said.

One of the employees of outpatient clinic, Purwanti, feels happy during the morning exercise on Friday. According to her, it is needed so that the employees and high officials can bond.

“It is refreshing and we can know other employees from other units,” Purwanti said. (*)

Author: Okky Putri Rahayu dan Defrina Sukma S.

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