Adien, Font Creator, Also Talented Writing In Javanese Script

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Adien at FISIP during interview (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – A student in Department of Communications Science, Adien Gunarta is not only talented in creating fonts, but he is also talented in writing Javanese script. He has completely written a short-story collection book in Javanese script. It was titled Kiambang.

“Those short-stories had been published in local newspaper. But, of course, they were written in usual Latin alphabet. Then, I wrote them in Javanese script and published them,” said the young man from Probolinggo.

The young man who has written Cara Mudah Membuat Font Dengan Corel Draw released Kiambang through a Jogjakarta publisher Indie Book Corner in 2015. The book’s enthusiasts have been quite plenty so far.

When he was asked why he had the idea to write the book, Adien answered that the Javanese community itself slowly but sure forgetting their traditional script. Most students learned about them but they often forget them when they are adults.

He just wanted to incite more interests toward Javanese script. If Javanese people did not preserve the script, who would do it?! Aren’t you afraid being considered traditional and old fashioned? “We should love our own tradition and cultures,” he said. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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