UNAIR can Contribute in Plastic Waste Treatment

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UNAIR NEWS – Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry few days ago implemented a policy regarding plastic bags. This policy has drawn various responses from many communities. One of the responses came from Ucu Martanto, S.IP., MA, a lecturer in Politics Department, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Airlangga.

“This implemented policy is deemed too late as this plastic problem has been a big issue for too long,” said Ucu during interview at the Centre of Security and Welfare, Politics Department, FISIP UNAIR.

Eventhough being too late, this policy can persuade the public to avoid using plastic bags and use non-plastic shopping bags. But, to implement this policy successfully, the government needs supports from non-governmental organizations (LSM).

“To change people’s behavior, NGOs should educate people directly. To act (reduce plastic use), we should not depend the government. The communities should also contribute,” said the environmental politics expert.

Academician roles

Academicians should also contribute to reduce plastic use. For the academic activities, they often use plastic bags excessively. Therefore, garbage is piling up.

The master program alumnus of University for Peace, Costa Rica, expected UNAIR to wisely respond the policy by proposing creative ideas. Ucu said that UNAIR should have schematic program with indicators for sustainable campus. The program should have three important aspects, environment, social and economy.

For the environmental aspect, the indicators are to assess waste treatment policy, water use, electricity use, paper use and so on. For social aspect, sustainable campus program is a small effort from the academicians to care for the environment and later affect the communities. For the economical aspect, the program can be a business plan which is useful for UNAIR.

“Therefore, UNAIR needs to develop a grand framework which enables the three aspects in the management. As a world class university, UNAIR needs to respond this policy with a program related to the environment,” Ucu added. (*) 

Author: Ahalla Tsauro
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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