MAROCLAW FH UNAIR Invites Erasmus Universitait Rotterdam Professor

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Prof. Michiel Spanjaart presenting his topic to the FGD participants (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Center for Maritime and Ocean Law Studies (MAROCLAW) and Airlangga Institute of International Law Studies (AIILS) of UNAIR Faculty of Law held a focused discussion group with Prof. Michiel Spanjaart from Erasmus School of Law, Erasmus Universitait Rotterdam(EUR) on Tuesday, February 16 in Gondowardojo Hall of FH UNAIR. The title was The Right to Suit under a Bill of Lading Contract and was attended by students, lecturers from UNAIR and other universities.

The discussion was hosted by FH UNAIR lecturer, Nilam A Kurniasari. There were also colleagues of Prof. Michiel Spanjaart, Jeroen Temperman, and Esther Van Den Heuvel. In the end of the discussion, ESL-EUR delegation also provided information on their institution’s doctoral program.

Professor who is also an alumnus of Utrecht University presented many things on export import transaction especially on bill of lading (B/L). He also explained the trade mechanism such as shipper, carrier, letter of credit, and of course, bill of lading.

“The bill of lading is a multi-functional document. It serves as receipt of goods and it may evidence the contract of carriage,” said the professor on International Trade.

The discussion was interesting as there were many questions on trade mechanisms such as how payment is made after the goods are confirmed loaded on board of the ship, letter issues, legal management of shipping trade and other topics related. (*)

Author: Ahalla Tsauro

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