Alumni Play Central Role in Improving UNAIR Reputation

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UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih SE., MT., Ak., (middle), Badri Munir Sukoco PhD (right), and Dr drg Elly Munadziroh M.S,. (left) meeting the alumni representatives. (Photo: Istimewa)

UNAIR NEWS – The meeting of alumni representatives and UNAIR Management ran well last Tuesday, February 16. The event was held by Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center (PPKK) in Royal Kuningan, Jakarta. There were 60 invitations distributed and 80 people attended. There was enthusiasm from the alumni to attend.

The speakers were UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih SE., MT., Ak., Ketua BPP Badri Munir Sukoco PhD, and Ketua PPKK Dr drg Elly Munadziroh M.S,. The alumni attended were from FIB, FISIP, FH and Faculty of Psychology. There were deans of FISIP, FIB and Vice Dean of Faculty of Psychology.

In the occasion, Badri said that UNAIR wants to achieve a few targets. All of them are related to its eagerness to be World Class University. “UNAIR must be able to reach it, but it needs process,” he said. Meanwhile, Elly said that Alumni plays major role in improving campus reputation. “Everyone knows well that UNAIR alumni always hold strategic positions in various managerial aspects, bureaucracy, business and so on,” she said.

UNAIR Rector Moch. Nasih confirmed it that alumni hold central role in improving campus. Alumni have to contribute among the academicians especially among students. They can do it by conducting guest lectures. So, later alumni will share information on the career opportunities, current professionals field of work, and other including opening internship program in prospective institutions.

“We must maximize the information technology and communication,” Prof. nasih said.
During the meeting, the alumni were given opportunities to criticize, give advice and inputs to the campus. One of them was the idea of using UNAIR office in Jakarta as the alumni base camp. Therefore, they have a place to meet and discuss something. The rector appreciated well this idea. All aspects to make it happen has been prepared.

Generally, the alumni wanted to improve UNAIR. “We are ready to be in synergy with the campus to bring positive changes,” Mas Haryono, one of the alumni said. In the end of the meeting, UNAIR Rector gave UNAIR labeled T-shirts to the alumni. (*)

Author: Taufiq
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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