Psychological Expert: Free outfits at School to Make Students Respect Differences

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UNAIR NEWS – In Indonesia, diversity is indispensable. The social, economy, tribal, religious, and racial differences are parts of the nations. This pluralism is also conveyed in Indonesian motto, Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

Looking at that facts, all citizens must be aware of the differences and do not make them the separate each others. On the contrary, they should unite. Thus, lessons on appreciating differences should be given continuously even in the early ages.

An expert of child psychology, Dr. Dewi Retno Suminar M.Si has an interesting view related to our education. She said that an idea on school outfits regulation can be a way to introduce diversity in students’ surroundings.

“I have proposed an idea to the Education Agency of Surabaya to make new regulations which let students wear free outfits, meaning no uniforms on two or three days of school,” she said.

Therefore, they are getting used to differences. From there, they can also perceive their friends from different backgrounds. Models and types of clothes will also be different. In long term, they will be accustomed to diversity, from social, economy, cultural, religious and other aspects.

“And, later the teachers will provide basic guidance and understanding to shape their characters,” she said.

Dewi did not only communicate her ideas to the officials of Education Agency but also through seminars invited her as speakers.

Dewi admitted that the high officials have not implemented the idea. The agency needs time to publicize the idea to the parents. There is this fear, where parents will show off through the students’ outfits. If that happens, the essence of the initial idea will be distorted.

“Therefore, extensive publicity is needed. So, the parents can understand the main point of this idea,” she said. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman

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