Arek Gundam Suroboyo: There Are Many Ways to Enliven Gundam Film

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RADIO UNAIR – Gundam, Japanese animation series showed on TV for the first time in Japan in April 1979 is a giant robot driven by a pilot. Gundam series are not only popular with kids but also with adults. The series are so famous in Japan that there are many toy robots from the series characters.

Their love to Gundam made Kiki from UNAIR Japanese Literature, Hadi from UNAIR Accounting and some other friends to form Arek Gundam Suroboyo on May 11 2013. In its third year, there are about 2,000 people joined as members. Arek Gundam Suroboyo often exchanges ideas, shares their collection of gundam models, magazines, figurines, and also comics so that they can see the gundam film in their life.

Their interests on Gundam started from watching the anime. Then they were interested in collecting Gundam merchandise, especially its robot models. Gundam models made in some sizes, 1:100 scale, 1:60 scale, and 1:48 scale the biggest one. To assemble the model, accuracy and patience are needed. To assemble one Gundam model they averagely take 2-4 days depends on the difficulty level.

This community gathered routinely to share things about Gundam. They do interesting activities like Arisan Gundam and also hold Gundam exhibition in toy events. They also follow Gundam assembly competitions which are often held in some places. (*)

Author: Afifah Nurrosyidah/Radio UNAIR
Editor: Iwan Iwe

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