Indonesian Human Resources Potentials in MEA

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UNAIR NEWS – The idea of ASEAN Economic Community (MEA) was based on an agreement between south east Asian countries. Single trade area has good objectives. It will strengthen ASEAN countries which have similar economic complexities.

Its implementation was also well-timed. Founded in 2007 and implementation started in 2015. It is different from Europa Economy Community in Europe in the fifties. At that time, European countries were rising from the wars. Their economy was unstable. They were even located far from each other such as Poland and England.

Meanwhile, Indonesia has the potentials from its Human resources (SDM). “Our opportunity in the competition is tremendous. It is only a matter of improving quality for the competition,” said Dr Intan Soeparna, an expert on international law from FH UNAIR.

On the other hand, do not let Indonesia be the market of other ASEAN countries’ goods. Thus, the government should provide supports and intervention in the society especially in the human resources quality improvement and making regulations for the sake of its people.

In addition, businessmen should improve the production standards. Human resources should improve their special skill and be able to speak foreign languages. Academicians must proposed and perform solutions for Indonesia in MEA. The public should be aware of the availability of other countries’ goods and must love local products. (*)

Author: Akhmad Janni
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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